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Some Suggestions Not Worthy Of Name

Some of the suggestions are biting: “Tourist First, Homeowners Last Park,” “Shaft the Taxpayer Park,” and “California Resorts North Park.”

Some of the suggestions for naming Coeur d’Alene’s two newest city parks are aimed to honor: “Sitting Bull Park,” “Henry David Thoreau Park,” and “Gen. Colin Powell Park.”

All of these seem likely to fade, including “Hassell Park” - no doubt in honor of Mayor Al Hassell - or “Ray Stone Park” - in honor of the man Hassell defeated in 1994.

Of the more than 100 suggestions from the public, “Bluegrass Park” and “Shadduck Lane Park” seem likely to be adopted by the City Council at its regular meeting tonight at City Hall.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is recommending the council bestow “Bluegrass Park” for the new park in the Coeur d’Alene Place subdivision. That’s to recognize the fact that, before it started sprouting houses, the area was used for growing grass seed.

The commission is recommending that the other park, in the Canfield Park subdivision in northeast Coeur d’Alene, be named “Shadduck Lane Park.” That’s because the lane will remain a landmark for the area, commission records said.

In other business, the council is expected to ask its General Services Committee for suggestions about how to deal with graffiti, either through an ordinance or a hot line.

The hot line could give citizens a way to report graffiti as soon as it appears. Then property owners would be asked to remove the graffiti.

The council also will consider annexing four acres on Fernan Hill Road, owned by Christopher and Carole Biencourt. The Biencourts, who have a home on the land, want to subdivide the property into four lots and have it annexed into Coeur d’Alene.

The council rejected a request for an annexation farther to the east in December. But the Biencourt property already has access to city water and sewer and is less steep and more suited to housing, city officials say.

The Biencourt property also is surrounded by land that already is part of the city.

The council also will:

Consider accepting the donation of a carbon monoxide detector from Washington Water Power for use by the fire department.

Hear of plans to ask the Idaho Fish and Game Department about the possibility of installing a sign that warns people not to feed the birds at the Independence Point dock. Bill Brooks of Brooks Seaplane Service, requested city assistance in getting the sign because bird droppings become so thick that it sometimes is slippery for people walking there.

Hold a public hearing to amend the local comprehensive plan. A state law, passed in 1995, requires the city plan have an analysis of how it deals with the conflict between regulations and potential takings of private property.

, DataTimes MEMO: This sidebar appeared with the story: MEETING City Council meets tonight at 7 in City Hall.

This sidebar appeared with the story: MEETING City Council meets tonight at 7 in City Hall.

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