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Tires That Last Longer Than You Car?

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is betting that buyers of its new long-wearing tires will wear out their cars before they wear out their tires - they have industry’s first limited lifetime warranty.

No matter how many miles they were driven, Goodyear will replace worn out Infinitred tires for free during the first three years of normal use. After three years, they will be replaced for half price.

About one-quarter of the replacement market is for high-mileage, tires such as the new Goodyears, which will sell for an average price of $100 each.

Tread life is “relatively close to the top of the stack when it comes to reasons for selecting a brand,” said Lee Nauert, manager of tire research for J.D. Power & Associates.

He said the longer life of today’s automobiles means that many might be on the road long enough to need replacement tires that last 60,000 miles or more.

The lifetime warranty, like other tread warranties, doesn’t apply to damage from underinflation, road hazards or poor balance or alignment.