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‘Broken Arrow’ Hits The Bullseye For Action

These 2 sidebars appeared with the story: 1. “BROKEN ARROW” Location: East Sprague, Newport and Showboat cinemas Credits: Directed by John Woo; starring John Travolta, Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis Running time: 2:03 Rating: R

2. OTHER VIEWS Philip Wuntch/Dallas Morning News: John Woo directs the way John Travolta dances. Both their styles are athletic yet seductive, with strong visual flourishes and an irrepressible sense of self-indulgence. In Woo’s action-packed “Broken Arrow,” Travolta never dances - but he never stands still, either. He’s busy running, punching, kicking, shooting, torching and threatening to nuke much of the United States. He’s a villain, yes, but a villain with elan. Similarly, “Broken Arrow” is an action flick of incredible stylishness. Michael H. Price/Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Travolta is practically the entire show, however, and Slater generously underplays to allow the villain to hold sway. Travolta makes that toothy grin of his more menacing than any scowl, and as the character slips by degrees from meanness to madness, he triggers a love-to-hate-him response that few customers can resist.

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