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Man Accused Of Spreading Aids Murdered

A philandering husband accused of giving the AIDS virus to four girlfriends was killed by someone who shot him in the back of the head two weeks before he was to go on trial in one of those cases.

“This was not a robbery; it was an execution,” said Sgt. Andre Hill, a homicide detective.

Robert Warren, 24, was working in a friend’s back yard Thursday afternoon when he was shot once at the base of the head and once in the right shoulder, police said. By the time someone reached him, Warren was breathing his last.

Police said they weren’t certain of a motive. Lt. Col. Joseph Mokwa said revenge was one possibility, and another was drugs. The neighborhood of rundown houses and overgrown vacant lots is known for heavy drug activity.

Police said Warren had tested positive for the AIDS virus in 1992. He was charged in April with risking infection of another with HIV, for allegedly passing the virus to a girlfriend.

Four women had claimed they contracted the virus from Warren. One died of AIDS within weeks of talking to police. Police would not release the victims’ names.