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Tell-All Author To Testify Against Simpson Today Was Ready To Flee Country After Recent Accusations

Sat., Feb. 10, 1996, midnight

Faye Resnick, whose tell-all book painted O.J. Simpson as a jealous wife-beater, is set to be questioned today in New York in connection with the wrongful death suit against the ex-Hall of Fame football star.

Resnick fled her Beverly Hills home earlier this week, saying she feared for her safety after Simpson in a TV interview blamed her alleged drug-world ties for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Resnick was prepared to go to Europe to escape “death threats,” sources said, but she agreed late Thursday to appear in New York to give a sworn deposition at the midtown Manhattan law office of John Quinlan Kelly, who represents Nicole’s father, Louis Brown.

“We look forward to taking her testimony. She’s a significant witness, and it will be important to hear from her since Mr. Simpson alleges she is solely responsible for these murders,” Kelly said.

Attorney Daniel Petrocelli, who represents Ronald Goldman’s father, Fred, and attorney Michael Brewer, who represents Goldman’s mother, Sharon Rufo, were scheduled to arrive in New York today to take part in the questioning.

F. Lee Bailey’s Boston law partners, Dan Leonard and Ken Fishman, were scheduled to represent Simpson at the question-and-answer session.

Petrocelli will lead off the questioning, focusing on Resnick’s claims that Simpson abused and stalked Nicole and threatened to kill her.

Simpson’s lawyers are expected to zero in on Resnick’s past cocaine use, which landed her in a rehab clinic just days before the murders.

Simpson has a legal right to attend but it was unknown on Friday whether he would do so.


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