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O.J. Noisy During Kato Deposition

A muttering O.J. Simpson couldn’t keep quiet Wednesday as he watched his ex-house guest Brian (Kato) Kaelin testify behind closed doors about the athlete’s mood and movements in the hours before the slayings.

Simpson erupted into “inappropriate” loud muttering four or five times during the deposition, and was so noisy that the attorneys “asked him to keep it down,” said Michael Brewer, lawyer for the mother of murder victim Ron Goldman.

Simpson made “derogatory remarks,” Brewer added, though he admitted he couldn’t hear exactly what the gridiron great was saying or tell what was making him unhappy - Kaelin’s answers or the topics being explored.

Kaelin is considered a key witness in the wrongful death suits against Simpson, 48, because he was the last person to see the football star before the June 12, 1994, murders of Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

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