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Campaign Notebook

Friday’s developments:

Presidential race Lamar Alexander accused Bob Dole of being hypocritical about fiscal responsibility, given the federal budget mess.

Pat Buchanan defended his trade views on a morning C-SPAN program. “This is why Americans all over are responding to our candidacy,” Buchanan said. “They know we will get back control of our destiny.”

Bob Dole accused Steve Forbes of “trying to destroy me” and coming close in the intense primary campaign. But he said he was confident heading into the New Hampshire primary.

Steve Forbes asserted he was “the only real economic conservative in the race” in New London, N.H. Aides said their polling showed Forbes fighting with Alexander for third place.

Dick Lugar got 120 seniors from six northern Indiana high schools to travel to Manchester, N.H., to campaign for him.

Upcoming on TV


Lugar on “CNN This Morning” 5 a.m. PST.

Alexander on CNN’s “Evans & Novak” 2:30 p.m. PST.

Buchanan on CNN’s “Inside Politics” 4:30 p.m. PST.


Buchanan on ABC’s “This Week With David Brinkley.”

Alexander and Forbes on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Forbes on CNN’s “Late Edition” noon.

Saturday’s stops

Alexander: Hopkinton, N.H.; Stratham, N.H.; Portsmouth, N.H.; Brentwood, N.H.

Buchanan: Portsmouth; Manchester.

Dole: Manchester; Derry, N.H.; Hudson, N.H.

Forbes: Nashua.

Lugar: Manchester; Nashua.

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