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Tougher Rules Can Stop Kids From Bringing Guns To School

Kids are afraid to go to school. Too many students bring weapons. At my school, if students bring a weapon, they pay the price. Our rule is you get suspended for however long the principal chooses and you have to have your parents notified when the teacher finds out you have a weapon.

Where do the kids get guns and other weapons? From home. Parents need to lock guns up in cabinets and hide the keys from kids. And knives should be put away where kids can’t see or find them. I feel that if weapons can’t be kept away, you should not own one.

Remember the Moses Lake shooting? That kid shouldn’t have had a gun. Now, if that weapon was from home, why didn’t the parents keep it away from him? Well, I hope my point is made. There is a part in peace for all ages. Parents, keep weapons hidden from kids. And kids, keep away from weapons. They’re not toys.

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