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Buchanan Focuses On Guns And Butter

Mon., Feb. 26, 1996

In full cry, Pat Buchanan called on two of his important constituencies Sunday, gun owners and supporters of Ross Perot, warning each group that what they valued most was in danger of being stripped away.

“They’re going to be building three million cars in Mexico by the year 2001,” Buchanan said Sunday afternoon in Sun City at a forum organized by United We Stand America, a group founded by Perot. “Where do you think those jobs are coming from, my friends? They’re coming from the good old U.S.A. I’m not going to let it happen.”

At a gun show in Phoenix earlier Sunday afternoon, Buchanan, wearing a black cowboy hat and brandishing a shotgun, drew a parallel between his enthusiastic and heavily armed audience and the minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

“What were the British coming for?” he asked. “The British were coming to capture the arsenal of the colonists, because before they could repress the colonists, they had to capture all their weapons and guns, and then they could put them under the boot of the British crown.”

Buchanan promised to protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms as part of what he called his “crusade for America.”

“We’re taking back our country,” Buchanan said, “restoring our country to the traditions and ideals upon which it was founded.”

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