Eighth-Graders Held For Building Bomb

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28, 1996

Two 14-year-olds who allegedly set out to “assassinate” their science teacher with a bomb rigged to detonate at the flip of a light switch will remain locked up while police investigate fires at another school, a Broward circuit judge ruled Tuesday.

The two eighth-graders - Burke DeCesare and Adam Walker - were arrested at St. Coleman’s Catholic School in Pompano Beach on Monday after one of them confessed planting the bomb. The boys learned how to construct the sophisticated explosive device from computerized information available on the Internet, police said.

Prosecutor Debbie Young said the bomb, filled with gasoline and wired to a fluorescent ceiling light, was powerful enough to have “taken out” the floors above and below the science classroom as well as classrooms on each side.

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