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New Year Ushered In With Less Crime Than Usual

Sunday was a peaceful conclusion to the most violent year in Spokane’s history. According to police, there were fewer than usual arrests on New Year’s Eve in North Spokane, a quiet lull in a year that saw more murders than any other year in city history.

Police Sgt. Earl Ennis, who investigates crimes in the northeast sector of the city, said the stack of cases to investigate on his desk was about half the normal load for a New Year’s weekend. “I was really shocked at the few number of reports that came through,” said Ennis, who was assigned 15 cases, rather than the normal 30 or 35.

Sgt. Larry Evans, who investigates crimes in northwest Spokane, said it was also more peaceful than normal in his sector of the city.

And the bright light of hope for the New Year: there were no sex abuse cases reported over the weekend.

Store employee arrested

A NorthTown Sears employee helped himself to a $2,300 Macintosh computer by taking it right off the showroom floor and wheeling it on a handtruck to his waiting van.

West Central resident Lee Radmer was arrested last week on theft charges. Police got an anonymous tip after someone noticed the serial numbers were missing from a computer that Radmer had sold to an employee at an East Sprague auto shop for $300.

According to police, the computer was supposed to have been given in lieu of a $1,000 down payment on a car at Blue Chip Auto Sales, but the auto shop employee who arranged the deal backed out when Radmer showed up with the computer. Radmer then sold the computer to the employee for $300. The car lot employee was not arrested.

House trashed, three arrested

Three 23-year-old men were arrested New Year’s Eve for breaking into a home on Day Mt. Spokane Road and beating up the resident.

The three, roommates at a house on North Madelia, were identified as Jacob Belisle, Gregory Wilson and Charles Worley.

A Sheriff’s Department spokesman said the three broke into a home on the 9600 block of Day Mt. Spokane Road, damaged two telephones and a door and beat up the 22-year-old resident of the house.

A sheriff’s deputy arrested the three as they were driving away in a white and yellow Buick.

West Central man in custody

A West Central man is in custody for allegedly stalking a woman in the Five Mile area. Timothy Baker, 40, was arrested last week at a residence in the 5800 block of North Hemlock after a neighbor saw a man peering in the window of the house. The man was using a step-ladder to peep into the windows of the house, but barking dogs had scared him away.

The woman recognized the man as someone who had stalked her in a previous case that resulted in a convictions of harassment.

He was still in jail earlier this week on a $50,000 cash-only bond, awaiting an arraignment date for the felony stalking charge.

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