Fabulous Thunderbirds Show At Fort Spokane Brewery Sold Out

FRIDAY, JAN. 5, 1996

Have you bought tickets for the Fabulous Thunderbirds concert at the Fort Spokane Brewery Wednesday?

If not, you’re too late. The show, one of the hottest to come to the local clubs in recent times, sold out a week ago.

In fact, it took less than two days for the Fort Spokane Brewery to sell all the tickets. What’s even more impressive is that they were going for $21 a pop.

Those lucky fans who snatched up the 120 tickets ought to be delighted because it’s not often that one gets the chance to see such an amazing band in the close intimacy of a nightclub.

That’s what the Fabulous Thunderbirds, recognized mostly for its smash album “Tuff Enuff” and the hit by the same name, are doing with its cross-country trek, playing smaller venues. The group is booked in halls and nightclubs.

Although the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ future had been in question over the last couple of years, the band is sporting a new album named “Roll Of The Dice” played by a relatively new line-up.

Yes, singer/harmonica player Kim Wilson remains at the helm. But the rest of the band, including lead guitarist Kid Ramos, is new.

Ramos, who had a prolific career before joining the T-birds, picks up where Jimmie Vaughan left off after his departure in 1990.

Critics seem pleased with both the band’s personnel and album. It’s Wilson, however, who is most satisfied with the band’s rebirth and its direction.

“The chemistry is really better than it has been, ever,” Wilson recently told a reporter. “I can deal with people I’m not crazy about on the road, if they’re good players. But it’s nice when you’ve got people that you actually like.”

Further, the throaty singer has higher hopes for the Fabulous Thunderbirds of today than the accomplished band of yesterday.

“I really want to be respectable in that very highest of peer groups, and I feel like, just now, I’ve kinda busted through the basement of it.”

The concert starts at 8 p.m.

Elsewhere in the night

Spokane’s Too Slim and the Taildraggers was recently joined by a blues and R&B; luminary at its show last week.

Curtis Salgado, formerly of the Robert Cray Band, briefly of Santana and currently of the Stilettos, sat in with the Spokane blues unit for a few sets.

The Portland musician switched off with Too Slim singer/guitarist Tim Langford leading the band on vocals. He also belted out one monstrous harp solo after another.

And speaking of local shows, more than 300 people turned out to bid farewell to Mother Load on New Year’s Eve at Ichabod’s North.

The show featured inspired performances from Florida’s Less Than Jake, Spokane’s Crudlers, Big Comb and the Flies and was closed by Mother Load.

Even though the band only practiced twice after an eight-month hiatus, Mother Load ripped through a surprisingly tight set of crowd favorites like “Liquor Store,” “Paradise” and “Jade Lub Song.”

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