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Defense Attorney: Madonna Faking Fear

A defense lawyer accused Madonna and her helpers Friday of faking their story about being afraid of the man who was shot by a bodyguard at the pop singer’s estate and then accused of stalking her.

The jury, which is to begin deliberations Monday, heard a police detective testify that Madonna trembled as she read a note left at her home by Robert Dewey Hoskins, 38.

Hoskins’ attorney, who describes him as a homeless man who is harmless, questioned the entertainer’s credibility in closing arguments, in which he called her by her last name.

“Miss Ciccone struts in this courtroom and thinks she’s the star. She’s not really Madonna. She’s a prima donna,” Deputy Public Defender John Myers said.

“Her problem is she comes in here and can’t stop acting,” he went on. “I don’t know where she thinks she is.”