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Bill Lets Voters Reject Everybody

A bill before the state Legislature would let voters cast their ballots for a candidate some people are clamoring for: None of the above.

The proposal offered by a House Republican would list “none of the above” on all ballots for legislative office next fall.

Under the bill, if a majority of voters check that box, the flesh-andblood candidates would lose. County officials then would appoint someone to fill the seat until the next election.

“The bill is not a joke,” said Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Graham.

Campbell said he wrote the measure, HB 2177, in response to dissatisfaction among his constituents. “It gives the people an excellent way to exercise some power over their elected officials and the party election process,” he said.

“It’s not a complete fix for all that’s wrong with the system, but it allows the people a more rapid method of getting good candidates.”

Republican Rep. Scott Smith, who also hails from Graham in southern Pierce County, is also sponsoring the measure.

“It gives the voter a chance to say, ‘I don’t like any of these guys and I’m tired of politics as usual,”’ Smith said. “I’ve always thought, why don’t we just have none of the above on the ballot, rather than choose between the lesser of two evils?”

Sen. Bob McCaslin, R-Spokane Valley, said the proposal should be shot down for adding to election costs. “If they want none of the above, tell them to … work to find and promote a good candidate that they can vote for,” he said. “I think we have more important things to do here.”

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