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Lawmaker To Step Down After Learning She’s Expecting Twins

Rep. Blanche Lambert Lincoln, pregnant with twins, said Tuesday she won’t seek reelection because juggling the demands of two babies and her congressional job would be too difficult.

The babies are due in early July.

Had she been expecting only one child, the Democrat said, she would have sought a third term.

“I envisioned boarding a plane twice a week with an infant, a diaper bag and briefcase,” Lincoln said.

“But when we learned we were having twins, we quickly realized that we are presented with an unusual situation. This particular job isn’t very family-friendly.”

Her husband, Dr. Stephen Reece Lincoln, is a fertility specialist practicing in Memphis.

Lincoln, 35, said she might consider returning to public life when the children are older.

She is the 31st House member - the 21st Democrat - to announce they will leave office at the end of this year.

Twelve senators, including eight Democrats, also have announced they will not seek re-election.

Her decision leaves Arkansas with no incumbent Democrat in the House.