January 11, 1996 in Nation/World

Simpson Tells, Sells His Story On Videotape But For $29.95, Don’t Expect A Confession, Producer Says

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O.J. Simpson decided to tell his story on a mail-order videotape to make money and to give the public answers he would have given had he testified at his murder trial, the video producer said Wednesday.

“There were two reasons for making the video,” said Tony Hoffman. “He wanted to make money and he wanted to get his story out. … He wanted to talk at the trial but may have been advised by his counsel not to. … He did want the world to hear his responses.”

In an Associated Press interview, Hoffman said the video contains “some very, very revealing information,” but Simpson “doesn’t reveal the real killer nor does he admit he did it.”

“If he revealed the real killer,” said Hoffman, “this video wouldn’t be selling for only $29.95.”

The producer said commercials will begin running this weekend asking viewers to call “1-800-OJ Tells” to order the videos.

Ross Becker, a former TV newscaster who was paid to quiz Simpson on the video, told Dateline NBC in a segment for broadcast Wednesday night that he also believed Simpson lied during some of their interview and his explanations of specific murder evidence “may not fit very well.”

Becker said he questioned the acquitted murder defendant on why he had decided to tell his story in a video, which will go on sale this weekend for $29.95.

“He said, ‘To make money,”’ Becker recalled. “And I asked him if he considered it blood money.”

Simpson’s response? “He said, ‘Marcia Clark has a book deal. She’s making millions of dollars on this. Chris Darden has a book deal and he is making millions of dollars on this.’ And he believes he has the right to make a deal with a production company to make money on his own.”

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