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Group Warns Women To Avoid Hunting’s Snare

Sun., Jan. 14, 1996

Men who who are welcoming women into the sport of hunting have an ulterior motive, according to a Maryland-based anti-hunting organization.

“While recent feature reports glamorizing women hunter and state-sponsored ‘Becoming an Outdoors Woman’ programs have appeared in publications nationwide, the Fund for Animals believes there is a darker side to the story,” the group says in a national press release.

“Women should not be duped into believing it is now trendy or desirable to kill and cripple animals in the name of sport,” it said.

“Women have not traditionally been welcomed into the ranks of the hunting fraternity,” said Heidi Prescott, national director of the fund.

“Now that the hunting community needs women to ensure its survival, suddenly the red carpet is rolling out. Women are too smart for this ploy and can see that there is nothing progressive or desirable about blowing away an innocent animal….”

But some women hunters say the red carpet has only recently been rolled out for them to enter corporate executive ranks, hockey rinks and fraternal organizations. Should they turn a cold shoulder on those ploys, too?

“A lot of women didn’t become hunters because they were told it wasn’t right for women to hunt or they didn’t have someone to teach them,” said Gretchen Kruse of Coeur d’Alene.

Kruse, who helped teach a hunting course last summer to North Idaho women through the Idaho Fish and Game Department, said women thanked her for giving them an opportunity they never had before.

“If a woman is not interested in hunting, she’s not going to be duped by a hunting clinic,” Kruse said. ” She’s going to continue only if she’s comfortable with it.”

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See related story under the headline: Women join in the Hunt


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