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Look Again, We’ve Made Some Changes

MONDAY, JAN. 15, 1996

Today marks the beginning of changes in some of our regular features:

The Aces on Bridge column moves from the Classified Ad section into IN Life on page 2.

The Crossword Puzzler shifts from the Classified Ad section onto the IN Life TV page (which, on Wednesdays, appears inside Our Generation).

The Trivia column also is now on the TV page, moving from page 2.

Beginning next Monday, the Non Sequitur comic moves from page 2 to the color comics page in a new format, replacing “Us and Them.”

The “Beetle Baily” and “Wizard of Id” comics, Goren on Bridge and Crossword by Douglas Cooper have been canceled due to rising newsprint prices. “Us and Them” also will be canceled.

To comment about the changes, please call our Cityline service and leave a message. A touch-tone phone is required. In Eastern Washington, call (509) 458-8800 and once the connection is made, enter category 9890. In North Idaho call (208) 765-8811, category 9890. Cityline is free, but normal charges apply to long-distance calls.

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