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Discrepancies Seen In O.J. Testimony

O.J. Simpson was interrogated Tuesday about his actions and his alibi the day his ex-wife and her friend were murdered, and attorneys suggested they caught him in a number of inconsistencies.

“We have heard answers that have not been consistent with things that have been put out in the past,” said John Q. Kelly, who represents the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The inconsistencies, he said, related to “time frames, timeline, how certain things occurred.”

Kelly said the deposition Monday focused on Simpson’s activities, including his trip to Chicago, the night Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered.

“There was some discussion of golf,’ Kelly said, when asked if Simpson was questioned about his alibi that he was “chipping” golf balls in his front yard at the time prosecutors claimed the murders occurred.

Kelly and lawyers for the parents of Ronald Goldman kept most details of Simpson’s testimony to themselves Tuesday.

xxxx Simpson on TV O.J. Simpson will be interviewed live at 7 p.m. PST today on Black Entertainment Television.

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