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Frozen Treat Gets Warm Reception

A tavern owner in Germany has an idea for people who want to belly up and order a nice cold one - a really, really cold one.

Bernd Helbig’s idea: frozen beer on a stick.

Helbig has been selling “Beersicles,” a takeoff on American Popsicles, for the past several weeks at his Halle restaurant. He wants to patent them as a product called “Rolli,” his late father’s nickname.

Helbig says younger customers are a little skeptical of the new concoction because it tastes somewhat bitter. But older beer drinkers, he says, are “crazy about” it and have been paying up to $3.50 for the special frozen mix.

Helbig said he expects to reduce the product’s price when he finds either a brewery or an ice cream company to produce it by machine.

For now, Helbig has been making beersicles by hand and freezing it them at 18-degree temperatures.