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Long Lost Sister Jessica Davlin Never Knew She Had An Older Sister, But Last Year Jessica Met Krista For The Very First Time

Oh my gosh! She looks just like me. I never would have imagined. My mom always told me that there was no one like me, that I was unique, but look at her. It’s like looking in a mirror. It’s my sister, my older sister. I’ve never met her before, but I feel like I’ve known her all of my life. It’s like “The Parent Trap” all over again!

Of course, I’ve probably got you all confused by now. “How could she have a big sister and never have met her?” you must be thinking. Well, it surprised me, too.

This is how it all began. One night, on Nov. 11, 1994, my mom brought me into her room. She looked very serious.

“Jessica, I have to tell you something.”

I was prepared for her to tell me she was dying.

“When I was 16 I had a baby and gave her up for adoption,” she said. “Today is her 19th birthday.”

I didn’t know how to feel. I was prepared for her to tell me she was dying - not that I had a sister. It was completely out of the blue.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

What kind of question was that? I was mad, I was sad, I was happy, I was excited. I had tons of questions that couldn’t be answered. What if she looks like me? What if mom likes her better than me? What if … ? What if … ?

When I think about it now, I realize I was in shock. For my whole life I was the only girl in my family, but now that had come to an end. It’s not every day that you find out you have a big sister somewhere in the world.

After mom told me, a couple of months went by and I began to think less and less about it. When January 1995 rolled around, all that changed. I came home from hanging out with my friends and my mom was on the phone. I went in and asked her who it was, being the nosy person that I am.

“Your sister,” she said.

My sister. My sister! I couldn’t believe it! Mom handed me the phone. What was I going to do? “Is this my sister?” I said. What a dumb thing to say. Man, am I a geek or what? She said yes.

I put the phone down and started to cry. All my fears and worries came flooding back into my mind and I just cried.

After our first stimulating conversation, we talked more through January. She told me she was going to visit during the summer, but I convinced her to come earlier. The next thing I knew she was coming in February. Holy cow! I was going to meet my sister! I was so excited. When we talked on the phone, we got to know each other and became very close. Now I was finally going to see her.

I began to count the days, and the day finally came. The whole family - mom, dad, aunts and friends - were at Spokane International Airport. I was so nervous. The plane arrived and passengers began to unload.

“Where is she?” everyone was saying.

Then I saw her. I ran to her and gave her a big hug. I was so happy.

She only stayed a week, but it was the best week of my life. Krista, my sister, and I were exactly alike. She was short and fun just like me. She was the coolest person I ever met.

When she left I was sad, but we later spent the summer together. It was a great summer. She was my best friend and it tore my heart out to let her go. Little did I know that I would see her sooner than I thought.

On my birthday in September, I received the best present ever. My dad bought me a ticket to Florida for Krista’s birthday. I’d never been to Florida before, so it was an adventure. I met her family and friends. In addition to meeting her parents, I also met her brother and sister. They were all very nice people and I enjoyed their company.

I stayed for seven days and had a great time. On the last day, Krista and I went to Disney World. I had a wonderful time and I miss her very much.

At first, I was unsure about having a big sister, but now I wouldn’t give her up for the world. Just when you think everything in your life is normal and stable, something comes in a creates chaos. I would take that kind of chaos anytime!

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