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Add Spice To Your Workouts

Do you ever have days when your workout doesn’t sound even mildly appealing? A night when 6 o’clock Jeopardy reruns look like a more realistic option?

Everybody has days, sometimes even weeks, when their workout becomes more like work. Don’t despair. Try these Top 10 hints for maintaining your motivation regardless of the sport or activity in which you normally engage.

1. Bring a friend. You can motivate each other when the going gets tough.

2. Change your routine. Even small changes can stimulate new motivation.

3. Keep your momentum. Head for your workout after work instead of taking some down time.

4. Try a new workout time, like going before work instead of after.

5. Learn a new skill or technique from an article or individual who specializes in your activity.

6. Set a new goal. In addition to your long-term goals, set a short-term goal you can reach today.

7. List three positive things you will get out of your workout today and focus on them.

8. Allow yourself to fully participate. Don’t spend your 45 minutes of physical activity fretting.

9. Smile or say hello to five people you encounter on your way to or during your workout.

10. Reward yourself for sticking with it on a really tough day - anything from a purchase (food to new workout clothes, for example) to just a relaxing hot bath.

If all else fails, try to see the end of the tunnel - a healthier you.