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Whitewater Appeal Focuses On Juror

A Whitewater juror who voted to convict Gov. Jim Guy Tucker married a man during the trial who had been denied clemency by the governor, Tucker’s lawyers said Friday, announcing plans for an appeal.

“It is stunning and it shocks the conscience,” Tucker said.

Lawyer Darrell Brown said the juror married Charles Hayes, who was denied clemency in 1992 on a 40-year cocaine sentence.

Brown said the defense was not aware of the marriage and accused juror Renee Aleta Johnson of being prejudiced against Tucker.

A motion was filed Friday to have Tucker’s conviction reversed.

Tucker and James and Susan McDougal were convicted May 28 on fraud and conspiracy charges after a 13-week trial in which the three were accused of scheming in the mid-1980s to make illegal loans.

County records show that Johnson married Hayes on March 14 - 10 days after jury selection began in the Whitewater trial.