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Man Reaches Into Car, Grabs Driver

Thu., July 18, 1996

A man reached inside a car waiting at a Spokane Valley stoplight Saturday night, grabbed the driver by the neck and demanded she give him her purse.

The 23-year-old Valley woman refused and hit the gas, sheriff’s deputies said. The would-be robber let go and fell as the car sped away, said sheriff’s Lt. David Wiyrick.

The driver was not injured.

Deputies described the suspect as 35 to 45 years old, 6 feet tall and 150 to 165 pounds, and had light brown hair.

The man reportedly was standing on the curb at Trent and Havana about 10 p.m. The driver told deputies she was eastbound on Mission just before it becomes Trent when he approached her.

Youth wrestles with firefighter

Firefighters responding to a call of an intoxicated teenager late last Thursday were forced to wrestle with the knife-wielding youth, who was later arrested for assault.

The 15-year-old was lying on a bus bench at 10615 E. Sprague when firefighters arrived about 11 p.m. Paramedic Doug Hatch shook the teen’s shoulder to wake him. He reportedly smelled of alcohol, according to a Valley Fire report.

The youth sat up, and told firefighters he had been drinking and did not need medical attention. He then swung a closed fist at Hatch, but missed, Wiyrick said.

The teen then reached behind him and pulled out an object with a shiny blade and wooden handle, Wiyrick said.

Hatch and other firefighters wrestled the youth to the ground, and let him up when he promised he would not fight them anymore.

Firefighters called deputies, but the teen left in a car with a group of friends.

Deputies found the teen close by, and he again became violent, Wiyrick said. He kicked at deputies who were trying to arrest him and threatened to kill them, Wiyrick said.

The teen, who finally was loaded into the back of a patrol car, suffered a bloody nose and scraped knees during the struggle. He was treated at Valley Hospital and Medical Center and released.

He was booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center for third-degree assault. Deputies said they found a linoleum knife in his pants.

Transformer explodes

An explosion at a transformer knocked out power to a Valley department store Friday afternoon, but was not tied to a bombing and bank robbery that happened minutes later.

Valley Fire investigators said the explosion at 13414 E. Sprague blew open the door to the transformer, bent bars that had latched it shut and made ShopKo go dark about 1:30 p.m.

Vera Power and Light, which responded to the pole explosion, told Chase the blast likely was triggered by a short in underground wire near the pole.

The outage interrupted business at ShopKo for about 45 minutes, an employee said.

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