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Nations Object To Pollution Cuts

Major oil-producing nations complained Friday about an international call for compulsory cuts in industrial pollutants - especially fossil fuels - that contribute to global warming.

Fourteen oil- or coal-dependent states objected to a declaration calling for compulsory cuts that was adopted Thursday at a world conference on climate changes.

The countries - including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Syria - said the cuts would devastate their economies.

They also said the declaration failed “to reflect the views of many parties” attending the 150-nation conference, which has met for two weeks to consider ways of strengthening commitments made at the Earth Summit in Rio four years ago.

The leader of the Saudi delegation, Abdul Bar Ben Abdullah Al Gain, said the developed world had created the problem and had “an environmental debt to pay.”

“But we are being asked…to forego the opportunity of our own development,” he said.

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