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Molinari To Try To Open Women’s E To Dole

Susan Molinari, in a surprise preview of her keynote address to the GOP convention, predicted Wednesday that Bob Dole would overcome the “gender gap” that she conceded works against GOP candidates.

Her talk during a Dole campaign stop at a paper-clip plant outside Pittsburgh came as Dole unveiled a raft of tax break proposals to benefit small businesses - including restoration of the tax deduction for a home office.

In an appearance designed to focus on small businesses, Dole noted that such companies are increasingly owned by women.

If elected, he said, he would convene a White House conference “on how we can make the dream of owning a business the dream for more and more American women.”

Dole and Molinari shared the platform at the Ace Wire Spring and Form Co. - owned by Linda Froehlich, inventor of an oversized paper clip called the “Super Clip.” Molinari, a moderate New York congresswoman, was picked by Dole to deliver the keynote address.

Later, accompanied by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, Dole sounded the same small-business theme in a speech at a cookie-manufacturing plant in King of Prussia, a Philadelphia suburb. He accused Clinton of having “continued to stand in the way” of easing regulatory burdens on small business.

“It would take me days to talk about what Bob Dole has done for women,” Molinari said earlier in the McKees Rocks event. But she promised her keynote address on the second day of the Aug. 12-15 convention in San Diego would run only about 10 minutes.