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Guildlines For The Guys

Whether dressing for a board meeting or a day at the lake, men will benefit from following a few guidelines to enhance their appearance.

Short men appear taller by avoiding contrasting colors. When choosing a suit, select one with a matching jacket and trousers. This gives a longer, more vertical look and makes the man appear taller.

Make sure the jacket fits properly. If it is too long it will make his legs look shorter.

Short men need to look for jackets with a deep “V” created by the lapels. This contributes to the elongating, vertical effect.

For those casual times, follow the same rule: Stay with similar colors. Dark pants and a light shirt will diminish a short man’s stature.

Instead, he might want to try tan pants and a cream-colored shirt. The same effect can be achieved with blues, grays and browns.

Stout men need to narrow and elongate their appearance. Many of the same rules for short men also apply to stout men. Stick with similarly colored tops and bottoms to help take attention away from the mid-section.

Sleeves and pant legs should taper for a slenderizing effect.

Short, stout men should look for single-breasted jackets. Tall, stout men can choose either single- or double-buttoned jackets as long as they choose jackets that button low on the lapel.

Pleats at the waist of trousers add comfort and work to disguise thick middles.

Avoid patch pockets on jackets and cuffs on pants. Both of these design details add width, something the stout man wants to stay away from.

Fit is particularly important for stout men. Clothing that is too tight will only make the bulk more evident.

Tall, thin men need to look for clothing with horizontal lines that give the appearance of more weight.

Double-breasted suits with stylishly wide lapels are perfect for this physique.

Wide shoulders, loose-fitting jackets, patch pockets and cuffed pants are other ways of adding width.

For casual settings, tall, thin men need to look for contrast. Dark slacks and white shirts are excellent. Rugby-style shirts with their broad horizontal stripes are a good choice, too.


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