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Dad Abandons Boys At L.A. Church

Thu., June 6, 1996, midnight

As the church was about to close, an usher found two little boys sitting quietly in a pew, waiting for their father to come back.

Yet the note that one of the youngsters clutched told a very different story: “Please take care of my boys.”

“They said their dad told them to stay there and they’d be taken care of while they waited,” the Rev. Enrique Parisi said. “Apparently, they were still waiting for their father to return. They seemed like nice kids, very well behaved and obedient.”

Now, Steven Bochy, 6, and his 5-year-old brother, Kenny, are in foster care. Authorities are looking for the man who abandoned them at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Sunday and trying to figure out whether they should go to their mother or grandmother instead. Both live in the Denver area.

The boys wore tank tops and cutoff jeans when they were found. Steven held a note from his father, Kenneth Bochy, that begged the finder to “Please take care of my boys I love. Please forgive me.”

“Daddy moved us out here and lost everything, and now he can’t take care of us,” the note said. “He tried to send us home, but could not get any help, so he asked us to bring this note to help you get us home.”

“I don’t know what else to do, but I sure did not want to give them to social services because they’re innocent little boys. Their grandmother will take good care of them.”

In an interview with KNBC-TV, maternal grandmother Jacklyn Hernandez of Commerce City, Colo., tearfully promised to care for the children.

“They’ll never be alone - not as long as I’m alive - they’ll never be alone,” she said.

Pipkin said the county was expected to recommend at a court hearing today that the children stay in foster care while authorities investigate their mother’s situation, a process that will probably take two weeks.


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