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S-R Staff Honored In Regional Awards

Reporters, photographers and artists at The Spokesman-Review won eight first-place awards Friday in a contest sponsored by the UtahIdaho-Spokane Associated Press Association.

Winners included staff writers Carla K. Johnson and Susan Drumheller for specialized reporting with their look at the explosion of Ritalin use in Spokane and North Idaho schools. Cartoonist Milt Priggee and graphic artist Warren Huskey were also individual winners, as were photographers Christopher Anderson and Kristy MacDonald. Spokesman-Review photographers swept all three spots for spot news and feature photos.

John Blanchette was a winner in sports columns, Editor Chris Peck for personal columns

Here are the winners of the annual contest announced Friday night at the UISAPA convention:


Newspapers of 50,000 or higher circulation

Spot News:

1, Amy Donaldson, Beverly DeVoy, Jerry Spangler, Cala Byrum and Mark L. Reece, Deseret News. 2, Kimberly Murphy, Mike Carter and Matthew Brown, The Associated Press. 3, Deseret News staff.

General Reporting:

1, Tony Semerad and staff, The Salt Lake Tribune. 2, J. Todd Foster, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Lili Wright, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Specialized Reporting:

1, Carla K. Johnson and Susan Drumheller, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Rebecca Walsh, The Salt Lake Tribune. 3, Tom Wharton, The Salt Lake Tribune.


1, Milt Priggee, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Calvin Grondahl, Standard-Examiner.


1, Lex Hemphill, The Salt Lake Tribune. 2, Rebecca Nappi, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Ralph Poore and Susan Whaley, The Idaho Statesman.

Spot Sports Reporting:

1, Michael C. Lewis, The Salt Lake Tribune. 2. Jim Meehan, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Joe Baird, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Sports Features:

1, Ray Grass, Deseret News. 2, Gordon Monson, The Salt Lake Tribune. 3, Stephen Dodge, The Idaho Statesman.


1, Nancy Melich, The Salt Lake Tribune. 2, Jerry Johnston, Deseret News. 3, Nancy Melich, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Personal Columns:

1, Chris Peck, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Jim Kershner, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Tom Wharton, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Sports Columns:

1, John Blanchette, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Brad Rock, Deseret News. 3, John Robinson, Deseret News.

General Excellence:

1, The Idaho Statesman. 2, The Salt Lake Tribune. 3, The Spokesman-Review.

Series & Special Projects:

1, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Deseret News. 3, The Salt Lake Tribune.


1, Warren Huskey, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Dennis Green, The Salt Lake Tribune. 3, Robert Noyce, Deseret News.


Spot News:

1, Christopher Anderson, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Colin Mulvany, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Dan Pelle, The Spokesman-Review.


1, Kristy MacDonald, The Spokesman-Review. 2, Christopher Anderson, The Spokesman-Review. 3, Colin Mulvany, The Spokesman-Review.


1, Ravell Call, Deseret News. 2, Chris Chung, The Idaho Statesman. 3, Steve Griffin, The Salt Lake Tribune.


1, Carmen Troesser, Deseret News. 2, Chris Butler, The Idaho Statesman. 3, Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News.

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