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Comeslast Still Insists He’s Not The Killer

Half an hour after jurors pronounced him guilty of two murders, Kenneth “Junior” Comeslast sat inside the Spokane County Jail, waiting for a phone call from his mother.

“Am I scared? No,” the 16-year-old Comeslast said in an interview with The Spokesman-Review.

“But later, I don’t know. Later, being in prison my whole life … that could be scary.”

An admitted gang member, Comeslast was convicted Thursday of aggravated murder for gunning down Kendra Grantham, 16, and Cindy Buffin, 17, on a Hillyard porch last summer.

Comeslast acknowledged being in possession of the assault rifle used in the shootings shortly before the early morning attack.

But he insisted the real killer is a former friend, 18-year-old Chris McIlveen.

McIlveen was one of four witnesses who testified that moments before the shootings, Comeslast, armed with the rifle, left a station wagon. After a burst of gunfire, he ran back with the weapon, shouting the name of his gang, the witnesses said.

But Comeslast said McIlveen “was the guy with the gun. I didn’t leave the car.

“Chris was the guy looking to get into the gang. It wasn’t me,” he said.

“The reason I said (to police later) that I was by the fence (where the shots were fired) was I guess I wanted some publicity.”

Brought to court moments before the verdicts were read, Comeslast said he avoided looking at the jury, afraid to reveal his anxiety.

“But when the judge said ‘Stand up’ to me, I said, ‘Oh man.’ I got a little more worried.”

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