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Sat., June 15, 1996

Log Cabin fever

A gay Republican group won a court order Friday allowing it to have a booth at the GOP’s state convention and an ad in the convention program. Party leaders cried foul.

“I regard it as an example of judicial tyranny at its worst, practiced by liberal activist judges who have no concept of the real world,” said GOP spokesman Lester Van Pelt III.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas sued the state GOP in Travis County after the party revoked the group’s assignment for an exhibit booth and refused to sell it advertising space.

No ‘tolerance’ for a ploy

WASHINGTON - A prominent Republican woman said Friday she would vote for President Clinton this November if GOP candidate Bob Dole does not change his antiabortion stance.

Dole’s recent move to include a “declaration of tolerance” in the GOP platform toward Republicans who support abortion rights is just a political ploy to get more Republican women to the voting booths, Anita Ferguson, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus Republican Task Force, said at a news conference.

Flag-waving day

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Pushing patriotism on Flag Day, Dole rapped President Clinton on Friday for refusing to back a constitutional ban on flag burning and declared: “I do, I do, I do.”

On flag burning, Dole told reporters he was not questioning Clinton’s patriotism. “I only said I support it. Does it make me the better candidate? Sure.”

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