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Head Popping Through On Verge Of Success With Big Publishing Label

Fri., March 1, 1996

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Nic Peroni used to call Spokane home. That is, until he moved to Southern California in 1979 to embark on a career in music.

He’s returning to his old stomping ground with his band, Head Popping Through, to play Outback Jack’s on Sunday.

After his 17 years in the Los Angeles area, Peroni’s career is just now gaining momentum.

First, the singer-songwriter struck a deal with major music publishing firm Warner-Chappell.

Further, Head Popping Through, a band that’s existed in one form or another for the last few years, just might get drafted to the big leagues: the major labels.

The four-piece eclectic pop combo - rounded out by former Spokanites, guitarist Dave Weaver and drummer Greg Perry, as well as original Fixx bassist Alfie Agius - just released its debut album on fledgling L.A. independent label Binono Records. Already, response across the land has been excellent.

As of last month, more than 140 college radio stations natiowide were airing the quartet’s eponymous first album.

With a couple of national tours booked and the turned heads of label execs, Head Popping Through just might pop its collective head through to the mainstream.

But signing to a major isn’t everything to Peroni. And right now, he seems content with the job Binono’s doing.

“They’re so supportive and so into it,” he said by phone from the label office last week. “I’ve got a few friends who have deals with bigger labels and they’re not getting the kind of attention Binono’s giving me. That’s the advantage of having a small label that believes in you.”

Originally, Peroni was hoping to score a fat contract.

“That was the intention,” said Peroni. “Even Binono said ‘we’ll build this thing up to a certain point and you’ll get picked up, and we’ll all get fat and happy.”’

Considering the band’s AAA radio sound - perceptive lyrics combined with angular guitar pop - Head Popping Through might not need a major to achieve acclaim.

If Head Popping Through isn’t Peroni’s ticket to success, his unconventional songwriting might be. At the moment, Paul “Everywhere You Go” Young is considering using one of the vocalist’s songs on his upcoming album.

Outrageous metal at Ichabod’s

Local hard rock/metal monger Mykey’s Outrage will unleash its sonic barrage Saturday at Ichabod’s North.

Fronting the band is vocalist-guitarist Mike Mykey, a veteran of the local scene.

The New Hampshire native moved to Spokane after spending four years in Europe in the Army. Mykey played in a band called Titan, entertaining U.S. troops across Europe.

“What got me out here (Spokane) was that one of the members of Titan was in Spokane,” said Mykey. “He told me, when I got back from Europe, that we could start a band out here.”

But his comrade re-enlisted in the Army, leaving Mykey stranded in the Lilac City.

In the late ‘80s, Mykey started a hard rock band called Bishop. The quartet garnered a loyal local following and even went on tour with John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, as well as Jefferson Starship. Like so many other bands, however, Bishop imploded.

So Mykey started a new band under the moniker Mykey’s Outrage.

Although the band’s lineup is identical to Bishop’s, Mykey’s Outrage is more grounded in the ‘90s than the ‘80s.

“It’s a strange brew, the way I see it,” said Mykey. “It’s a combination of ‘80s and ‘90s and ‘70s and ‘60s. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s all kind of twisted here and there.”

You can decide what the band sounds like for yourself at the band’s Saturday gig with Trip 13. Or, you could pick up a copy of the “Inland Northwest Compilation” CD at any local record store. The band contributed two songs to it.

Showtime’s at 9:30 p.m. The cover is $3.

Fort Spokane Brewery closed

If you’ve dropped by the Fort Spokane Brewery recently, only to find the place locked and in interior in a state of disarray, here’s the explanation: The brew pub has closed down, but only temporarily.

Fort Spokane Brewery, also host to live blues music, is undergoing some extensive, long-overdue renovations. When it reopens in the middle of March, you’ll find new paint, carpet, lighting chairs, tables and an expanded brewing facility.

The cost of the project: $130,000.

“It’s more than twice the amount the business was started with,” said brewery manager Dean Davis.

Bell bottoms and mirror balls

Break out your bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes, kids. KZZU is throwing its own little “Saturday Night Fever” disco party in the Downtown Red Lion Hotel (formerly the Sheraton) on Saturday.

There’ll be lots of prizes, including $500 for the best costume. At press time, tickets were still available. Tickets, $10, are on sale now at all DJ’s Sound City locations and Steinley’s in Coeur d’Alene. You must be at least 21; ID required.

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MEMO: This sidebar appeared with the story: Nightwatch picks Best bets at area clubs: SATURDAY: Mykey’s Outrage and Trip 13 at Ichabod’s North; KZZU Disco Party at the Downton Red Lion Hotel SUNDAY: Head Popping Through at Outback Jack’s 15

This sidebar appeared with the story: Nightwatch picks Best bets at area clubs: SATURDAY: Mykey’s Outrage and Trip 13 at Ichabod’s North; KZZU Disco Party at the Downton Red Lion Hotel SUNDAY: Head Popping Through at Outback Jack’s 15

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