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Simpson Says He’s Controlling But Denies Threatening Ex-Wife O.J. Says He Gave Clothes To ‘Some Guy Named Fuhrman’

O.J. Simpson testified he is a “controlling person” and that his ex-wife did things his way until the months before her murder, according to a deposition transcript obtained Friday.

Simpson also denied allegations from Nicole Brown Simpson’s diary that he cursed her and threatened her with tax-evasion charges during an argument just nine days before her murder, according to the transcript.

And, in yet another of the saga’s bizarre twists, Simpson suggested he may have given away his gloves to a New York apartment concierge with the same last name as the Los Angeles detective his attorneys accused of planting a bloody glove to frame him.

Just six months before the murders, Simpson testified, he gave some of his clothes to “some guy named Fuhrman, believe it or not,” according to the transcript obtained by The Associated Press.

The testimony came in the seventh and eighth days of Simpson’s 10-day deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by relatives of Ronald Goldman and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson. Trial is set for September.

The questioning focused primarily on Simpson’s relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson, and allegations that Simpson abused and degraded her, the transcript shows.

Simpson denied he was an obsessive person, as prosecutors alleged, but said, “I’m a controlling person.”

“I think in general that I like my space,” Simpson said. “I like things the way I like things, and people who come into my life tend to conform to the way I do things.”

“Did Nicole conform?” asked lead plaintiff attorney Daniel Petrocelli.

“Yes,” he said. “Not the last year we were together, but certainly before, she did, yes.”

By “the last year,” he said, he meant 1993 to 1994.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman were murdered on June 12, 1994.

Simpson also was pressed on whether he had a nasty argument with his ex-wife nine days before her murder.

In a diary, she wrote that an angry Simpson confronted her at her house about 8:30 p.m. on June 3, 1994, after she had hung up on him the night before, according to excerpts of the diary obtained.

Simpson accused her of dodging her taxes, the diary said.

“You gonna pay for this, (expletive),” Simpson said, according to the diary. “You’re hiding money from the IRS. You’re gonna go to jail, you (expletives). You think you can do any (expletive) thing you want. You got it coming. I’ve already talked to my lawyers about this, (expletive). They’ll get you for tax evasion, (expletive). I’ll see to you you’re not going to have a (expletive) penny left, (expletive).”

Three days later, Nicole Brown Simpson received a letter from Simpson’s lawyer advising she could not use Simpson’s address for tax purposes.

Nicole Brown Simpson wrote that Simpson made the foul remarks to her while he was at her house to pick up their children for the night. She wouldn’t give him their children, saying she had arranged for a slumber party, according to the diary.

Simpson denied making the statements attributed to him.


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