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Campaign Notebook

Sat., March 9, 1996, midnight

Friday’s developments:

Presidential race

Bob Dole suggested Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes should quit the race so the Republican Party can be unified heading into the general election this fall. “It would be a lot better if we were all together,” Dole said in Tampa, Fla.

Pat Buchanan swore not to quit the race, saying he would “walk on in this battle as long as it takes.” He scolded Dole for not showing up for a debate in Dallas Friday night.

Steve Forbes, campaigning in Texas, said he is in the GOP presidential race “all the way” even after finishing a distant second to Dole in the New York primary despite a $2.5 million effort there.

Bill Clinton released his first political ad of the year. The 30-second spot has sound bites from the president’s State of the Union speech, interspersed with warm glimpses of children, a woman with her family at dinner, and a father leaving for work.

News of note

Lamar Alexander, who not long ago called Sen. Bob Dole a man with “no ideas,” Friday put on a Dole button and told the GOP front-runner he has no reservations about Dole’s carrying the party’s presidential banner.

Illinois tire magnate Morry Taylor dropped out of the race and endorsed Dole. He spent $6.5 million of his own money on a race that made barely a ripple. Taylor earned no delegates and only some 7,000 votes.

Upcoming on TV

Sunday Forbes on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Buchanan on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

Today’s stops

Buchanan: Fairfield, Texas; Nacogdoches, Texas; Houston.

Dole: Oklahoma City; Tulsa, Okla.; Gulfport, Miss.; Tampa, Fla.

Forbes: Florida.

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