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Angelic Voice Makes Carey A Dream For Ears

Mariah Carey’s latest CD, called “Daydream,” is still flying off the shelves in music stores everywhere and no doubt will continue to for some time. She continues to be a favorite among listeners.

This fantastic CD begins with the award-winning “Fantasy,” which won best R&B; song of 1995. Mariah also captured another award with “One Sweet Day,” which combines Bozy II Men with Carey’s natural ability. The talent displayed on this release is something I hope to hear against in the future from both of these artists.

“Underneath the Stars” shows off Mariah’s smooth, constant voice like no other song in years. I didn’t care for her soft and sappy song “Open Arms,” because it reminded me of the kind of slow music my parents used to listen to.

This CD is packed with hit songs, but I especially enjoyed “Long Ago” and “Fantasy” for their upbeat rhythms. If you’re look for an artist with an angelic voice, you’d definitely better add Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” to your listening collection.

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