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Area Teens Give A Big Thumbs Down To School Uniforms

School uniforms got a resounding thumbs down from the majority of the teens who called the Our Generation hot line last week in response to our story Feb. 28.

Only 18 of the 62 kids who called in thought uniforms would be a good idea; the others were vehemently opposed.

About 20 adults braved the teen line to give their opinion; all but three were for uniforms. Big surprise.

One person, who tried to sound like a kid but we suspect was an adult, called more than 20 times to sing the praises of salt and pepper corduroy pants. Sorry, pal, you didn’t fool us.

Here are a few comments from the many calls from teens:


Girls should be able to wear slacks. And the uniforms should be the school’s colors.

We wouldn’t be classified or look at people differently depending on what they’re wearing. I also think the guys would be more respectful of girls. People would be more respectful in general.

You should be able to wear the school’s sweat shirt and T-shirt with jeans. Pants in the winter time, shorts or skirts in the spring and fall.

Many kids are picked on because they’re poor. Uniforms should be something inexpensive so you can’t tell if you’re rich or you’re poor.

They should do it because some people at high school have to buy their own clothes. A lot of people can’t buy the cool stuff even though they want to. That’s my case; I work at McDonald’s and I can’t always afford what’s in.


I don’t like school uniforms because all along adults have told us to be original. Now they’re trying to have us dress the same.

I can understand it in L.A., because they’ve got lots of problems. We don’t have problems here.

Public school kids should be able to wear what they want to wear.

I go to private school and I wear a uniform. I’m so sick of it, getting up every morning and having to wear the exact same thing. I don’t like it. I’ll be glad next year when I go to public school and don’t have to wear a uniform any more.

It’s very insulting for any teenager’s intelligence. This bill is just lame.

I think clothes show an individual’s spirit. If you wear a uniform, you’ll just be the same as everyone else.

Uniforms infringe on individuals’ right to freedom of speech; speech can be expressed through clothing. I think they’re a violation of your First Amendment rights.

If you make females wear skirts, that would be sexist and discriminating.

Those adults who are for it should wear uniforms to work. It’s stupid.

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