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Man Nailed By Golf Ball Files Suit

Wed., March 13, 1996

An investment banker who took a golf ball between the eyes during a company outing is suing a colleague for $3 million.

James Henn, who doesn’t play golf, was knocked unconscious in 1993 as he sipped a drink 15 to 20 yards away on the patio at the Rockaway Hunting Club.

Henn, 29, is suing Alan Greco, 33, a senior vice president and bond trader at Lehman Brothers.

Greco’s lawyer, Charles Borsetti, said his client, then a novice golfer, can’t be held responsible: “When it comes to golf cases, the law is clear: Errant golf shots are not negligent.”

Justice Beverly Cohen said Greco might be at fault because of his unskilled play and his failure to yell “Fore!” until it was too late. She said a jury should decide and set the trial for March 18.

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