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Perot Won’t Say No To Race

Ross Perot said Tuesday he would run for president again and “give it everything I have” if members of his new Reform Party want him as their candidate.

His comments came as aides worked to put Perot’s name on the November ballot in Texas, Florida, and as many as a dozen more states.

“‘Let’s assume the dust clears, and that’s what the members of this party want,” Perot told WOAI radio in San Antonio, Texas. “Then certainly, I would give it everything I have, because probably there’s not a luckier person alive in this country today.”

In response, Sen Bob Dole said in an interview on the ABC program “Nightline” that a possible Perot candidacy “does concern me.”

“He helps Bill Clinton,” the senator said. Perot won 19 percent of the vote in his 1992 presidential bid.

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