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Official Records

Tue., March 26, 1996, midnight


Marriage Licenses

Sean P. Kelley and Deanna M. Cotter, both of Spokane.

Joseph M. Buchan of Fairchild Air Force Base and Michelle R. Sale of Spokane.

Donald P. Manfred and Roxanne R. Crites, both of Spokane.

Robbi G. Croyle and Christine E. Pranter, both of Spokane.

Timothy C. Vernon and Sherri L. Lindula, both of Spokane.

Lee A. Brown and Susan E. Solscheid, both of Cheney.

Thomas S. Mans and Patricia Hasboun, both of Fairchild Air Force Base.

Denis L. Hill Jr. and Stefani D. Cooper, both of Spokane.

In the Courts

Superior Courts

New Suits

Bonnie L. Elliott vs. James E. Rose, complaint to force sale.

James Sicilia vs. Dorissa Dubusdevalempre, et al, seeking restitution of premises.

Earlene C. Sitton vs. Albertson’s Inc., seeking restitution for injuries due to alleged negligence.

Scott R. Davidson vs. Gerald O. Wiles, complaint for breach of contract.

Eugenie B. Hays vs. Yellow Freight System Inc., et al, seeking restitution for injuries from vehicle collision.

Marriage Dissolution Petitions

Van Beck, Melissa and Holmes, Micheal R.

Marriage Dissolutions Granted

Wells, Cory A. and B. Gail

Gray, William L. and Lynda J.

McFarland, Ronald A. and Gina A.

Paskus, Stephen L. and Gail

Criminal Sentencings

Judge Thomas E. Merryman

Joseph Alan Hailey, 31; 20 months in prison, two years of community placement, after pleading guilty to third-degree rape of a child.

Judge Kenneth H. Kato

Lanardo Money Lacey, 22; nine months in jail with credit given for three days served, 12 months’ probation, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.

Patrick Michael Barcome, 27; 31 months in prison with credit given for 21 days served, after pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance.

Albert Ray Owens, 36; 67 months in prison, after pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance (cocaine).

Federal Courts

New Suits

Bankruptcy Petitions

Kyle L. Dennis, Waterville, Wash., debts of $17,400.

Lance M. Manthey, Prosser, Wash., debts of $186,111.

Debra A. Bogert, Richland, debts of $210,631.

David Zimmerle, Kennewick, debts of $89,070.

Mark C. Phillips, Republic, Wash., debts of $15,434.

Betty J. Krell, 818 W. Sinto, debts of $19,744.

Wage Earner Petitions

District Courts

Only fines or forfeitures of $75 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge John J. Madden

Carl L. Mitchell Jr., 24; $250 fine, 12 months’ probation, possession of marijuana.

Mead C. Walker, 27; one day in jail, 12 months’ probation, disorderly conduct.

Kenneth D. Shaw, 19; 66 days in jail, 24 months’ probation, fourth-degree assault/domestic violence.

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Dane L. Dray, 42; $800 fine, 28 days in jail, 24 months’ probation, driving under the influence.

Kenneth L. Suydam, 33; $455 fine, two days in jail, fourth-degree assault/domestic violence; second offense: third-degree malicious mischief.

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