The Slice The Magic Laundry Fairies Like Some People More Than Others

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

“My husband, Andy, and I were noting that laundry just seems to appear as if by magic,” wrote Cheney’s Jane Hoye. “We got a chuckle when we realized HE was referring to clean laundry and I was referring to dirty laundry.”

More stories of pets and food-theft: “We put a pound of venison tenderloin on the counter to thaw out and went to town for the afternoon,” wrote Sandpoint’s Susan BatesHarbuck. “When we returned we found an empty bowl and a very heavy-bellied cat. She could barely drag herself away from us. Her name was Trouble even before that.”

Here’s another. “Mom was cooking a roast for dinner,” wrote Tom P. Smith. “You know, a big chunk of beef all wrapped up in a net. Well, my brother gets these real bad pains. So Mom puts the roast on the back of the stove and we’re off to the hospital. Turns out my brother goes under the knife for appendicitis. Hours later, we go home to find the dog sitting in the den with nothing but net between her paws.

A Spokane woman told us about the time her husband’s dog snatched a steak off a low barbecue grill. The woman chased the pet down and retrieved the meat from its mouth.

Back on the grill the steak went, teeth-marks and all. “My husband never knew,” she said, chuckling.

We also heard about a pet deer in Cusick that crashed through a window to join the family at the dinner table, a pet fox that grabbed a roast chicken at a picnic and disappeared under a woodshed, a bulldog named Samson who showed up with a stuffed oven-ready turkey one Thanksgiving morning in the ‘50s, two black labs that came home with seemingly everything from a can of lard to a pig’s head, a dog that ate the decorations off a Christmas gingerbread house, a dachshund that sucked in a big bowl of fruitcake batter, two dogs that managed to reach and polish off a platter of Christmas cookies that had been placed atop a stereo and a pooch that had inhaled three New York steaks off a grill and was going for No. 4 when the backyard chef returned.

Desperately seeking: A little kid in the 99212 zip code named Joslyn McClain. (Your would-be pen pal in Sacramento wants to write back. But she needs your full address.)

Today’s Slice question: What injuries or property damage have resulted from two people in your family enjoying a game of catch? , DataTimes ILLUSTRATION: Drawing

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The Slice appears Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; fax (509) 459-5098.

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