Couple Allowed To Remove Trees

FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1996

Winter winds finally helped an Ash Street couple achieve their wish of removing a row of Douglas fir trees in front of their home.

The Urban Forestry Committee agreed to allow Roger and Rae Tardini to remove the trees after large branches damaged the home during a January windstorm.

Months earlier, Tardini asked the city for permission to take out some of the 19 trees last summer because of potential damage from branches during wind storms. Some of the trees obstructed their driveway and others damaged their sprinkler system.

The Tardinis needed city permission because the trees were next to the street, in city-owned right of way.

The Urban Forestry Committee only agreed to let one of the trees go, fearing that removing several would lead to the others blowing down since the trees grew close together and supported each other, said Karen Hinson, the city’s forester.

Eventually, the Tardinis were allowed to take out two trees, weakening the others and leading to the problem in January, Hinson said.

, DataTimes

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