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Bombed University Snubbed Kaczynski

Two universities rebuffed Ted Kaczynski’s efforts to publish an anti-technology manuscript just before the first Unabomber explosion went off - in the parking lot of one of the universities, ABC’s “World News Tonight” reported Tuesday.

“He was going to get even is what he said,” Northwestern University math professor Don Saari told ABC.

Saari said he remembers that Kaczynski had approached him in 1978 about publishing the paper on the evils of modern technology.

Saari said he referred Kaczynski to engineering professors at both Northwestern and the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois.

Later, “he came in very angry and he told me that they were rude. … And he was furious and he was shaking, such anger,” Saari said.

Five weeks later, the Unabomber struck for the first time. A package was found in the parking lot of the engineering campus at University of Illinois at Chicago and brought to Northwestern University in Evanston because of the return address. It exploded when it was opened on May 26, injuring one person.

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