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Truck Hits Skywalk, Injures Six Children

A dump truck with its bed jacked high slammed into a pedestrian overpass near a school, tearing the walkway loose and flinging six children 15 feet to the ground. Two 8-year-olds were critically injured.

The accident took place as the school let out Monday afternoon.

The driver, 39-year-old Marcelo Olivarez Jr., had just dropped off a load. He was questioned by police and released with no charges filed.

“He’s devastated,” said Tom Hofman, a spokesman at Olivarez’s employer, Granger Construction. “He just could not understand how it could happen.”

There was no indication the truck had mechanical trouble. But Hofman said the company was inspecting all of its trucks of similar design.

The 14-1/2-foot-high walkway was erected to help Maplewood Elementary School students safely cross a busy five-lane street.

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