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Hints From Heloise

Dear Heloise: In my state it’s a law for cats to be licensed. I didn’t find that a problem, the problem is the collar to attach it to and I hate putting one on my cat.

I’ve heard of too many accidents with cats wearing collars. They choke when the collar gets caught on tree branches.

Do you recommend any type collar cats can safely wear? - Lilly Barton

Yes, elastic collars can be worn safely. Some collars are made of leather or plastic with an elastic insert that stretches enough for the cat to escape.

You can find them in most pet stores. If you can’t, make your own using 1/2-inch- or 3/4-inch-wide elastic that can be found in any fabric store.

Just measure what you need and put the tag on, then sew the elastic together.

Make sure it can slip off your cat’s neck easily. - Heloise

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