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Liz Ii Is Long-Lived, And So Now Is Her Marriage

Thu., May 2, 1996, midnight

When you think of the Brit-royals, marital fidelity isn’t the first word that comes to mind.

Even the so-called love affair of the century, which involved the Duke of York and his American lover Wallis Simpson, centered on the controversy surrounding her two divorces.

Of the current crop of Windsors, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, all have been divorced or are about to be. Prince Edward remains unmarried.

Still, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, are already getting set to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary - which doesn’t take place until Nov. 20, 1997.

The spectacle (privately financed, of course) will be held at Ascot Racecourse near Windsor Castle and will feature 1,000 horses and the ornate, royal Gold State Coach.

Loose talk

Nicollette Sheridan on her image (in Cosmopolitan magazine): “Everyone says I’m this typical California blonde. I just laugh at that. I’m from England, and I actually have some Hindu in me.”

Under his lead, many kids will live long and prosper

Benjamin Spock turns 93 today.

At home, he was fond of playing show tunes

Classical pianist Van Cliburn is the target of a palimony suit. Thomas E. Zaremba, 48, says he lived with Cliburn for 17 years. He charges that Cliburn, 61, reneged on a promise to share his income, which would be worth “multiple millions.” Said Cliburn, “This has been absolutely a shocking surprise to me.”

At home, she’s fond of humming to Van Cliburn CDs

Liza Minnelli has been named recipient of the third-annual Liberace Legend Award, which is presented annually by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts. Minnelli, the daughter of Judy Garland, was cited for her contributions to the world of entertainment.

Next, he can fax nude photos of himself from prison

Publicist Chuck Jones admits to faxing nude photos of Marla Maples Trump to the private club of her husband, dealmaker Donald Trump. “I sent the faxes but there is nothing they can do about it,” said Jones, citing First Amendment rights. “I can say whatever I want.” Jones is free on bond while appealing a 4-1/2-year prison sentence for stealing 70 pairs of shoes and underwear from Mrs. Trump’s apartment in 1994.

Only the well-bred can deliver a quality toast

According to USA Today, when Jack Nicholson got up to toast newlyweds Sean Penn and Robin Wright, his pants fell down. Seems Marlon Brando had unbuckled Nicholson’s belt. Nicholson didn’t hesitate to deliver the toast in his undies.

In Sweden, they call this kind of party a Sven-dig

Some people know how to stage a birthday party. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden celebrated his 50th birthday by holding a parade through Stockholm, sponsoring a Stevie Wonder concert and throwing a lavish banquet for 600 complete with a 21-gun salute by cannons.

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