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Shooters Damage 50 Cars In Early Morning Spree

Police are investigating reports of 50 cars being peppered with gunshots over the weekend in neighborhoods surrounding the Monroe-Wellesley intersection.

Detective Andy Anderson said at least two people drove through darkened neighborhoods early Saturday and Sunday mornings, firing a handgun at parked cars.

Among the victims was a nun at the St. Francis of Assisi convent, who will find a $191 bill for her red Dodge Shadow as soon as she gets back from a trip. While picking glass off the ground Saturday, the nuns listened to several neighborhood residents complain and ask why.

“What puzzles us most is, what the fun is out of this,” said Sister Patricia Basel.

Overall damage is estimated at more than $10,000. The shooters targeted car windows, Anderson said.

“I’ve seen it done before, 8, 10, 15 cars hit on both sides of the street,” said Anderson. “It’s silent because everyone is asleep.”

The shooting occurred between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. Saturday and Sunday on side streets off Monroe and Wellesley.

Anderson said four juveniles and adults are suspects, based on eye witness reports from victims. The mayhem was dispensed by the same group both nights, Anderson said.

A North Side man bashed parked cars with a tire iron three weeks ago in Northeast Spokane. Damage to 15 cars was estimated at more than $20,000.

Despite the pair of expensive fits of destruction, Speedy Auto Glass technician Richard Martin said vandalism this spring is lighter than normal.

“It’s actually like they have been getting a slow start on it this year,” said Martin, who works at the North Division office.

Convenience store robbed

Bart Ottosen vowed that a convenience store under this watch would never be robbed. But when confronted late Friday night at an East Wellesley Quik Stop by a man claiming to have a gun, Ottosen said his better judgment made him hand over $126 from the till.

“I was thinking about being a hero and beating the hell out of the guy,” said Ottosen. “But I just said, ‘All right dude,’ and pushed the no-sale button.”

In a bizarre twist, the robber - a short, stocky, red-haired man - was identified by a witness in the store parking lot. The suspect, Garvey Parker, was in the Spokane County jail late Tuesday on a $25,000 bond for first-degree robbery.

Ottosen said the man first entered the store at about 10:30 p.m. to buy a can of Sprite, but claimed he forgot his money and left. “I think he was discouraged by the other customers in the store,” said Ottosen.

An hour later, when there were no customers, the man returned.

With one hand in his pocket, the man demanded money. “I laughed at the guy. I thought he was joking,” said Ottosen, a 220-pound kickboxer. “He yelled that he wasn’t joking.”

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