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Thu., May 2, 1996

Dear Nancy: I’ve been watching my dreams for years but I’ve never had one with shoes as the main symbol. My life is good and I’m generally content. - Suzanne

Lucy, a co-worker whom I respect very much, visits me at home. She hands me a box of colorless, nondescript shoes which I’m supposed to repair. I set the shoes on the floor and we walk outside to a back deck and talk for a bit. I notice she’s wearing comfortable clothing, jeans and a nice cotton blouse. Her hair is blowing in the breeze and she’s happy.

This scene repeats itself. Lucy visits and brings me more colorless shoes to repair. This time she is preparing to go out and have a good time. She visits me a third time and brings me another box of shoes which I carry out to the deck and set down. I am a bit envious that she is going out for a good time while I have to stay at home and repair the shoes.

I notice Lucy always wears the same comfortable clothes. I look at the box of shoes and on top of the colorless shoes is a pair of high-top, almost metallic chartreuse boots. I am surprised and think, “Wow! These will cost a lot to fix.”

Dear Suzanne: Lucy brings you work to do. There is need of repairing shoes. Shoes and boots protect us on our path through life. They also tell a lot about the person wearing them.

If the dream shoes are sandals, it is an indicator that the dreamer is feeling lighthearted and free. If they are work boots, it suggests drudgery or effort. Red shoes hint that the dreamer has much vitality and travels passionately through life.

The shoes in your dream are colorless and nondescript. They are also worn and in need of repair. Is there a part of your life that feels a bit dull and nondescript? Are you ready for a more stimulating path?

Lucy may be the part of you that wants to relax, have fun and be free. She also keeps bringing you more work to do, rather than sharing it and helping you, so that both of you can go out. This may indicate that you feel left behind, while other people are out having fun. You feel you have to keep working.

Lucy brings you the green boots in the last scene. Green is the color of new growth and healing, and these boots are definitely different from all the rest! Repairing these boots may be expensive (take a lot of energy), but they are meant to be worn by someone on a distinctly unique path. You may be offered a new job or way of life.

You may have to do some work to prepare yourself for this newness, but I do feel it will involve more enjoyment and fun than you have currently. After all, it was Lucy who brought you these extraordinary boots and she’s into having a good time!

Tips for readers: Dreams can be viewed literally and taken to mean exactly what they say.

For instance, if you dream that an automobile is low on oil or has a flat tire, be sure to check your car in the morning for these problems.

A dream involving a phone call or visit to a friend may actually be the psyche asking the dreamer to make that call or visit. Possibly your friend has information or advice for you that is valuable.

Does your dream indicate a physical problem? Dreaming of a loose tooth or an illness may be a suggestion to visit a doctor or dentist.

Let’s not miss the straight-forward, literal meanings that dreams offer. After checking for the obvious, move on to explore the metaphorical and symbolic meanings of your dreams.


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