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Q. Ask your Love and War man what’s blamed most for divorce among people who break up in their 20th year of marriage?

A. Liquor.

It took 30 seconds to design the zipper and 22 years to make it work.

The Illinois Indian’s word “peouareoua” wound up re-spelled as the name of that Illinois city called Peoria. It meant “place of fat beasts,” but there are no more fat beasts there than anywhere else.

Liederkranz is a German word, true, but that cheese of the same name has been strictly American from its outset.

Q. You listed eight of the nine U.S. time zones but left out Hawaii Standard Time. Why?

A. Time stands still in Hawaii. Like when you’re playing poker. Or fishing. Or dining with your own true love. You won’t buy that? I forgot.

Statisticians say a disproportionately large number of golfers take adult-education courses.

In all large armies, about a third of the enlisted personnel are sergeants.

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