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Cheap Seats

And I’ll raise you the Kingdome’s debt service

Seattle mayor Norm Rice has upped the ante in a friendly wager with Salt Lake City mayor Deedee Corradini over which city’s team will make it to the NBA Finals.

“I’ve put on the table 10 pounds of Copper River salmon, a cruise on Puget Sound and a pound of Starbucks coffee,” Rice said. “I’m extremely confident that the Sonics will win this one hands down.”

Corradini is backing the Jazz by wagering a Winter Olympic Games jacket, a trout dinner, some shrimp and salt-water taffy. “I’m looking forward to some trout very soon,” Rice said.

Maybe he’ll have Mike Siegel over for dinner.

Someone isn’t turning the other cheek

A University of Tennessee trainer will continue a medical leave of absence begun after quarterback Peyton Manning mooned a teammate while she was in the training room.

Jamie Whited’s doctors have advised her to continue the leave, which she’s been on since March 1 after she saw Manning bare his backside. Manning said he didn’t direct the prank at Whited, apologized for the incident and was disciplined by athletic director Doug Dickey.

Whited has not explained why the incident prompted her leave. She has referred questions on the incident to Dickey. Contacted at her home Wednesday, Whited said, “We’re still having discussions.”

Whited also is director of the Health and Wellness portion of the football team’s Positive Pathways program, a counseling program to help athletes deal with off-field life that includes sensitivity training about women.

And we all know sensitivity begins in the training room.

A team that’s urned its way into fans’ hearts

Fans of Amsterdam’s Ajax soccer team will have a chance to maintain their ties with the World Champions through eternity.

The Westgaarde cemetery and crematorium has arranged to take 180 square yards of turf from the old Ajax stadium, which is being demolished, and replant it on its own property. For about $145, Ajax fans will get to have their ashes sprinkled over the beloved playing field grass after cremation. Westgaarde also plans to offer small plaques with names of the deceased whose ashes were scattered. The plaques will be in Ajax’s colors, red and white.

“Some fans are real fanatics and soccer is almost a religion to them,” said Westgaarde spokeswoman Marti Schellekens. “They live and die for the club.”

Preferably die, eh, Marti?

We open the bids at one hit

No sooner had Dwight Gooden popped up Paul Sorrento to complete his no-hitter against the Mariners than Jay Buhner snatched the official lineup card posted in the Seattle dugout.

“I’m going to have Gooden sign it, frame it and then put it in our annual Cystic Fibrosis auction,” Buhner said.

Any guesses who the high bidder will be?

“Yeah,” Buhner said. “Me.”

The last word …

“Marge Schott is to good taste what taffy is to dentures.”

- Chicago Tribune columnist Bernie Lincicome

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