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Two Spirit Lake Women Sue City One Disputes Her Firing; Other Takes Issue With Police

Two Spirit Lake, Idaho, residents are seeking a total of $1 million in damages from the city and city officials.

Roxy Martin, an office worker who was fired in December, is seeking $500,000 for lost past and future wages, mental suffering and damage to her business reputation.

Martin says Mayor Robert Knapp fired her “unreasonably, wrongfully and without legally sufficient cause.” The firing also violated Martin’s contractual rights, says the claim, which was filed last week.

Martin worked in the police department, earning $5.50 an hour.

Knapp called Martin before work on Dec. 4, telling her not to bother coming in because her job had been eliminated. Her replacement started work the same day.

Also seeking $500,000 is Deanna Dilley, 26.

On Jan. 3, Spirit Lake police officer Monte Reynolds, a part-time reserve officer, drove a man named Donovan McCreary home rather than arrest him for driving without a license. Reynolds said McCreary, who is Dilley’s brother, didn’t appear drunk.

Once home, McCreary allegedly beat his sister, ransacked the house and drove off. Idaho State Police arrested him 90 minutes later on charges of drunken driving and driving without a license.

In her claim, Dilley alleges that Reynolds failed to do his duty and arrest McCreary. The document also slams Mayor Knapp and the City Council for allegedly failing to “ensure the proper functioning of the Police Department.”

Dilley is seeking reimbursement for medical expenses, mental pain and anguish.

Knapp minimized the claims.

“Yeah, right,” he laughed. “It’s all political.

“I’m not too worried. They have no merit,” he said.

Also expected to file a claim against the city is former Police Chief Jeff Alexander, fired a few days earlier.

Knapp said the city has nothing to fear from a court fight over Alexander’s firing. “If it goes to court, look out, ‘cause all the barrels will come out,” he said. “There’s a lot of truth to be had.”

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